Prep Time: 2 hours | Cost: $5

Nothing quite encapsulates the spirit of adventure like a sword. Join my kids and me as we set out to craft our own swords that we can (safely) fight with and that even glow in the dark!

I have included step-by-step instructions on how to build your own sword here. Below I have included a couple of bonus tips that I think will help you along the way. Start with the instructable and use the bonus info as needed.

Helpful Tip 1: Saving Money and Time on Supplies

Ok here is the skinny. Some of these you can get online and some are better to get from a local store. For the online purchases I have included a link to the product I used. For the others I have notated where to get it but also provided a link to the online option.



Helpful Tip 2: How to Print a Sword

Once you have chosen the sword you want make sure your picture is of a side view of the sword. You will need to print two copies, one for each side of your sword. If the sword is asymmetrical then you will need to print one copy and then the second copy should be its mirror-image. The easiest way I have found to print these swords is to

  1. Open a new Excel document.
  2. In the View tab select “page layout”
  3. Drag and drop (or copy and paste) your sword’s picture
  4. Size the picture to be as long as you want your sword to be (around and a half to three feet)
  5. Print the document you have created.
  6. Cut out the sword and tape it all together.